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M9 Pro

Intense Cycles

Intense M9 Pro. Now you can own the champion downhill race bike from Kamikaze in Collingwood

Visit Kamikaze , our Collingwood, Ontario bike shop and learn how the Intense M9 will make you a faster, smoother, more confident rider

The M9 exemplifies Intense Cycles and represents its heritage. The M9 Pro shows us who we are and how far we’ve come.

It’s early predecessor, the M-1, was ridden to silver medal victory at the World Championships in 1996 by Shaun Palmer at one of his first competitive events on a bicycle, making history for both Palmer & Intense. The dynamic combination of Palmer and the M1 set the stage for Intense Cycles and changed the face of DH forever.

Since then, the M-series downhill chassis has achieved iconic standing as the choice of the world’s fastest racers.

The M-9 is the latest edition in the series and is the culmination of over 15 years of racer feedback, R&D and evolution in technology by Intense Cycles.

The M9 Pro has held true to its original DNA in being the first downhill specific race frame that can be tweaked and tuned to tame any track. The M9 will make you a faster, smoother, more confident rider. Period.

Drop by our Collingwood, Ontario bike shop to find out all the ways that the bike that has defined the Intense brand for so many years just keeps getting better.

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